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It was last Saturday that we said goodbye to our dear friends Jo and Kathi.


Bye nor now!

It is one of those friendship born in heaven! Denise and I were in Lancaster (USA) together with our friend Bill.

During a coffee break Denise and I were waiting in line to get a free coffee and Joanne was next to us. I remember saying something like “I have seen your testimony on youtube and it is amazing”. As we talked to her we experienced the joy and warmth of being within a family, somewhere where you belong. I asked would you come to Northern Ireland and she said she would!

It was Thursday evening and I remember saying to Denise that I was hoping that Joanne and her team have not left the conference. I really felt that there was more to come from our brief encounter during the coffee break. As soon as we walked out of the network hospitality room Joanne and her team were there, seating on the carpet and enjoying life!


We sat down next to Joanne and some of her team and they began to pray for us, it was like it was meant to be, a friendship born in heaven. It was one the highlights of our time in Lancaster. We felt loved and accepted, this is because Joanne and her team know how to love well. It is not just about the crowds but also about the one in front of us.


During the following months we planned her visit, and Joanne  came with Kathi, a powerhouse of love and wisdom! They arrived last Wednesday and left last Saturday leaving a bunch of people excited and loved by the Joy they carry from the Lord.


We had a powerful time at cafe Costa where some of our friends were prayed for, it was so good to love people in a public place. In fact one of the baristas who was watching us got prayed for as we were leaving and the joy on her face was so moving.

Last Friday we had a full house in the LivingRoom Global Regional Hub. Our friend  Gordon prayed for 100 people and we had 100 people coming. Worship was amazing, Joanne Moody and Kathi what a team! Seeing  people being filled with the Holy Spirit and hungry for the Presence of God is why we love what we do.

The Living Room

We partner with our  Global Awakening Network friends Gordy, Val and now Bill, with friends like Azman, Shane, Claudio. As well as with strong group of men: “Motley Christian” who provided coffee, cups and snacks.

What began in a conference room in Lancaster (USA) on a Monday evening gathering of Global Awakening Members Network and experiencing the Blessing of having Jo and Kathi with us was and is something that was born in heaven!

Thank you for coming, thank you for praying, thank you for  sharing your stories! thank you for the FUN!img_1192


We will see you soon.

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Dario is a husband, father, pastor and passionate pursuer of Jesus and His Kingdom. He is a Pastor, loyal friend, and walks the walk when it comes to being a carrier of God’s presence. He expects things to happen when he prays for people. He loves having fun and eating olives (preferably at the same time).

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