Ballynahinch​ Mission Week Team, Day 1



After an amazing OpenSkies worship weekend… This morning I was introduced to these amazing group of young people.

Every morning I will be meeting with them and share some devotional thoughts so that that they have a time with the Lord and be ready for all the missional activities prepared for them.

Actually, the theme for our time together is “Encountering Jesus”! Today we encountered Jesus, we looked at the story of the rich young man who comes to Jesus and calls him “Good Teacher”. This young man asked the most fundamental question that every human being could ask, What can I do to inherit eternal life? Who did he ask that question to? The only qualified person in this world who can actually give him the best, accurate and truthful answer was standing a few meters away from him, Jesus!

Yet, Jesus’ answer seems very odd! Jesus pointed him to the Ten Commandments! The young man said to Jesus that he has kept the commandments since he was a boy! Jesus asked him to follow him and to sell all of his possessions and give them to the poor! This young man had a massive reality check!

But it was not just about the counting the cost of following Jesus, it was one of Love. This was a Love Encounter!

“Jesus looked at him and loved him.” (Mark 10:21 NIV11-GKE) 

The greatest treasure of heaven is love and this young man walked away from it!

Pray for us!

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