Ballynahinch​ Mission Week, Day 5


Today is the last day of Mission Week and it has been a great week!

There are many stories that you will hear, stories written here on earth but heaven bound!

This morning was my last devotional, we have “Encountered Jesus”.

 “Jesus knows my Name! 

 John 20:11-17

In the story of Jesus resurrection, we find Mary going to the tomb where Jesus is buried and to her big shock Jesus is not there. Panicking she runs to tell the disciples that the body of Jesus has disappeared.  Peter and John run back and find the empty grave.

Mary has enough courage to enter the tomb where she encounters two angels. What follows, I believe, is one of the most amazing supernatural encounters ever recorded. As they talk Jesus comes into the tomb and asks Mary “Woman, why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for? Mary is not aware that it is Jesus but the gardener, the one who cuts the grass!

Mary said to him “Sir if you have carried him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will get him”.

Why is Mary not able to see the two angels and even Jesus? Are her pain, her grief and her loss too big that she is blind to see another reality? Her answer is just in front of her!

Sometimes, the answer that we desperately seek is just in front of us!

How would you react if you encounter Angels? What would you do if you meet Jesus face to face? Mary encountered the supernatural is she is not aware of it.

One word from Jesus brings Mary back out of her grief. This is what Jesus does: Jesus calls her name, “Mary”,  at once her mood changes shouting “Teacher” and she goes for Jesus with her arms wide open to embrace him because she is a hugger!

Jesus knows her name and Jesus knows your name. There is something so powerful when you hear Jesus calling your name! It restores you!

“Jesus knows your name…what an encounter!

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