God Encounter​ – A Walk in Newcastle

So, I made it! I went to walk with friends from church, this was the last walk of the walking group this summer. Honestly, I went because one of my favourite ice cream places is there.

It was a great walk!! We gathered at the car park and walked, on our way back we did stop for an ice-cream, but I bailed out, I had coffee with banoffi!!

On our way back to the car park we came across four girls as we walked I felt the Presence of the Holy Spirit and I turned around to see where  He was highlighting at that moment, my friend asked what I was seeing, he too was being led by the Spirit I turned back and talked to the girls.

After a short introduction and talking to them we went on our way but only to realised that they were behind us and one of them asked me “What is a Minister?”

We told her what I do! Then I asked her, “Do you have a pain in your hip?” She looked at me and said, “I have just fallen”. I asked her to put her hand on her hip I prayed a really short prayer and then she said, “the pain is gone!”

One of the other girls asked if I was a healer! My friend said No, Jesus is!

I love this!!


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