The Practice​ the Presence of God

I started to read again Brother Lawrence book (same title as above)

This is not a book review…

There are about 14 conversations that takes place in the book. The book is a classic and has so many jewels in it that I am afraid will captivate the hearts of everyone who is willing to explore what it means to be in the Presence of God and how to do life from that place.

Well, I try every morning to read my Bible and to look for ways the Lord speaks to me and I have found not just one way but many. I am equipped with all that I need to facilitate that. So this morning as I was seated waiting for a cuppa I came across these words:

What really spoke to me is that was how Brother Lawrence was sold out in Worshiping the Lord. The progression of spiritual maturity is based on love, hope, perseverance and belief, But above all our goal is to Worship God.

Worship is the beginning and end of all things. We worship where our lives and hearts are inclined to (LOVE), sometimes this positioning comes naturally to us when we persevere, believe and hope and it is always a deliberate act of the will.

If that wasn’t enough I got an email from a Bible App that I use…

LOVE is greatest of all the gift and the BELOVED ONE is at the centre of our Worship!

Be Encouraged!

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