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Victorious life?

Super-spirituality When Jesus said in this life you would have persecution and tribulation, he was not kidding! This was not wishful thinking, and he did not leave it as an option for us to consider. These two words, “persecution and tribulations”, are not full of comfort, but the opposite.How dare Jesus speaking on such terms?Is…

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Text message!

Wow this is a mindset changer! If we can only grasp the power of these words! We could see a change in ourselves and others! I love the last words “dwell on these things“. It can become a familiar place, a dwelling place, a place that it is familiar where the Spirit is happy to…

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Trust the Process

Over the last few weeks I have shared about walking on empty and the importance of spiritual recovery. Generally, the idea of recovery is that of a process and honesty the Christian life is like that. We are in the process of becoming like our Master. Part of this process is acknowledging who we are,…

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It is a sunny and warm morning in Bushmills, and I just had my fill, with pancakes, smoky bacon and maple syrup! The place is perfect, and I can see that already it is becoming busy and being honest I don’t think I can eat anymore. I am not a breakfast person, but this was…

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Walking on empty

I am reading Rick Hill book Resilient Disciple, and I am blessed with what he has written: "In a world that emphasises strength, we are part of a kingdom that values weakness. So if you feel empty and vulnerable, be encouraged that God fills empty vessels … "

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