What does the Father say about You?

That is one of the most important question that we can ever ask!
There is nothing more important than the affirmation of a Father. I know that well, I am a father and also a son.

The affirmation of a Father create in us a sense of security and belonging, a place where affirmation is real and practical.

I grew up in a family that affirmed us and loved us. Yet as I grew up I found it hard to receive affirmation, there is a great difference between knowing that you are encouraged and another to believe it with all your heart.

My mother and father grew up without their fathers so they did their best to encourage us. It was only when my whole family became followers of Jesus that we begun to experience breakthrough in our family life. It was only through our faith in Christ that we began to see each other with a deeper love, forgiveness and unity.
However, I was still struggling with affirmation and acceptance from Father God. I was living with an orphan mentality and this was undermining everything that Father God was wanting to share with me.
These are some of the signs of an orphan mentality:
Poverty Spirit
Fear of men
Conditional love
Failure to receive encouragement
Gaining approval

Sadly there are more to this list but one thing is clear : “We are not meant to live like a slave when we have been declared sons and daughters of Father God”
What was the tipping point of accepting the Father’s love?
I begun to pursue the Presence of God and in that journey I realised that Father God was pursuing me. He wanted to tell me how much He thinks of me and how much he celebrates me.

As I pursued Father God I was drawn to read the story of Mary meeting Jesus after Jesus’ resurrection. Jesus asked her not to touch Him because He has not yet been glorified and Jesus commanded her to go to the rest of the disciples to tell them that Jesus has risen and  say to them:“‘I am ascending to My Father and your Father, and to My God and your God.’ ”” (John 20:17 NKJV).

That is a massive declaration! Jesus was with his disciples for over three years, showing them the Father and doing the Father’s works and now before his ascension and only after the resurrection Jesus opens the door for intimacy with the Father. Intimacy that sons and daughters can only enjoy after Jesus’ victory over death. He not only brought us closer to God, but Jesus has taken us into the very presence of His Father.  Jesus’ Father is my Father and Jesus is my brother!

That revelation opened my mind and  began to get a true picture of Father God and as a son, just like Jesus , the words spoken by Father God over Jesus became a living revelation with profound power and intimacy:  “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.” (Luke 3:22 NIV11)
I am a Son
I am loved
I bring pleasure to my Father, He is pleased with me
I don’t need to get his approval, I don’t need to work hard to impress him, I don’t need to think like an orphan, I don’t need to live like an orphan. I am his beloved!
What does God the Father says about you…

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