What does Holy Spirit say about you?

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?

That is a great question that I have been asked several times! It really puts you on the spot!! It assumes that your are listening to the voice of God and that you know what He is saying.

This kind of questions keeps you humble in a holy fear state that is healthy and frightening.

The fact is we can listen to other  voices and sometimes we may think it is the voice of God and but it is not. So how can we make sure that what we are hearing is correct and will encourage people.

I have found that the best place to hear what God is saying is through worship. This is why:

For almost 5 years I have been pursuing the Presence of God intentionally.

I was hungry and thirsty for His Presence and I was tired, dried and to the point of giving up. I was came against a massive wall and it was not shifting. I tried to read good books about listening to God’ voice, I tried to pray, I tried to read more of His Word and yet there was a massive discontent in my heart.

So I decided to spend one morning a week to pray and seek His Presence. So for the first few months nothing happened but did not give up. I was not going back to any religious activities or even patterns of devotional life that I developed over the years. I knew then that I needed more of God… but how was I to get more of Him?

So for several months I begun to pray. Well it was more like telling God what to do and how to do it. I prayed my best prayers and nothing was happening, I was so frustrated and upset. Now looking back I know that God was working and having a lot of patience with me.

Breakthrough came when on a Saturday after Healing on the Streets. As we gathered to pray thanking God for the outreach, some Brazilian brothers who were with us begun to pray and before we knew it the place became full of the Presence of God, then Peter came to me and said: “The Lord knows you and He has seen  you praying in the secret place”!

That was secret that only my wife knew about it! I felt on floor and I begun to experience God’s Presence in a new way.

When I returned to my prayer secret place I did not tell God how He should do things but I began to worship, I just worshiped and I worshiped and He began to release His Presence over me. The room became filled with His Presence and it was changing me. I begun to listen to his voice and His voice became familiar to me.

During those months the Lord begun to shape me and I found life again, I found the that I can be a friend of the Holy Spirit.

I came across this familiar verse “May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” (2 Corinthians 13:14 NIV11)

I have experienced the grace of the Lord Jesus, at salvation and during my life. I can relate to Jesus, he was an historical figure. I can relate to the love of God, I know that He is love. But how can I relate to the Holy Spirit? How do I have fellowship, communion, relationship, with a Spirit that I can not see?

It was late 2013 when the Lord set me up and I found myself in Southampton for few days and as we gathered to pray for each other someone said ” Dario your are such a friend of the Holy Spirit” – Those words changed me and I became convinced that Holy Spirit is real and He loves me, but also I became more conscious of His Presence.

Holy Spirit is not a “it”, He is not the 3rd Person of the Trinity relegated to a 3rd place, He is the Presence of God, He is the Spirit of Jesus, He is the Spirit of God, He is the Spirt of Truth, He is our Wonderful Helper. Holy Spirit is a Person and He can be grieved and we can easily quench his powerful influence in us.

I begun to realise that if I wanted to know more of God and Jesus I needed to relate and have fellowship with the Holy Spirit. He needs to be my best friend.

So what is the Holy Spirit says about you? He wants you, he wants to empower you and fill you with His Presence. He wants to take you deeper with Jesus and with God. He wants to release upon you God’s love and Jesus life over you. He wants to talk to you and release the Shepherd’s voice over you. He wants you to have fun.

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