God Encounters – “A Blind Woman”

Last Saturday morning we met at Cafe Costa in Yorkgate to pray and ask the Lord to guide us to where we could show His love to this community.

This time there were four of us, we prayed and we set out asking God to show us who to encourage. Two of us went into the shops and the other two walked and prayed around the shopping centre.

As we walked inside the shopping centre we heard someone shouting “Holy Spirit” we were not sure if we heard correctly so we turned around and we went to speak to the security guard who shouted “Holy Spirit”! It turned out that it was about his friend who was very excited about his confirmation. We really encouraged him, telling him that he is doing a great job.

That was a real confirmation to us that God is working in that place.

Then as we gathered back one of us  approached someone who was waiting in his car to tell him how much Jesus loves him and another member of our team told us that he offered to pray for a blind lady, she kindly rejected the offer but she said the she felt so moved and so grateful that someone had stopped her and offered to bless her. I am so convinced that what this driver and this amazing lady received was the love of our Father, that is an amazing miracle.

This Saturday was amazing, even though we only prayed for few people, we felt the approval of the Lord as he gave us favour with the Costa Coffee manager and we took the risk to love.

We would love for you to join us on Saturdays from 11am to 1pm to bless and love this amazing community.




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