Love Encounter Lancaster -” Anna”


Denise and I had one of the most amazing times of our lives as we travelled to the USA for the Global Awakening Voice of the Apostles conference. I will be sharing more about it soon, I am still reflecting on it and its impact on our lives.

We love the Presence of God and we live for His Presence only. During our time in Lancaster we received so much love and prayers. The Holy Spirit was so powerfully moving in and through worship, sermons, prayer ministry and even during our time of rest.

One of the most amazing encounters that we experienced was last Friday. It was the last day of the conference when we visited the local market. It was there where  we met Anna a lovely “Amish” sister. Denise was wanting for days to meet someone from the Amish community and it was a dream of hers. Well dreams come true!

As we walked through the market we stopped and saw Anna,  we smiled at her and she smiled back at us.  Then it all happened and the Love of the Father came, we had the most amazing conversation, she told us about her life and we shared ours too, showing her pictures of our kids and where we had come from. It was like talking to a relative that we have not seen for a long time. Denise asked her if it was ok to pray with her and she said yes, then something amazing happened,  they embraced each other as Denise was praying and I was holding back some tears.  When they finished  Anna gave Denise a beautiful kiss!

It was one those moments when time stood still,  experiencing heaven touching earth. Then she asked me to pray for her feet and I did. I don’t know whether she got healed but I was so blessed to be asked that I forgot to ask her if she was feeling any better!

The simplicity, the transparency and the love that we experienced was so moving that we left a little bit of our hearts that morning in that market.

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