God Encounters – Healing in Tesco!

Every Saturday morning we gather form 11am to 13:00 to pray and to do outreach into our community.

One Saturday morning  in January, our outreach team went to Tesco in YorkGate Shopping Centre. One of our team member began to talk to a friend who was waiting for her taxi outside the supermarket. As he talked to her, we began to gather around and I asked her if she had any pain on her lower back and she said yes. I asked her if I can pray for her right there and she said: “Yes you can! But, do it really quickly  as I am waiting for my elderly mother and we need to go home”. I said to her that it will only take less than one minute. So I prayed and the pain left her instantly. Then she looked at me and said that her mother was also in great pain.

She went to get her mother. She  was seating on a mobility chair unable to walk and she was under severe pain. She showed us her swollen knee and we began to pray for this amazing  84 years old.  As we prayed the pain left her and I asked if she could stand and walk and to our amazement she stood and walked without pain. Then, she begun to cry and tears of joy filled her face! This beautiful daughter of God encountered her loving Father outside the supermarket.

By then we realised that people were watching and one homeless man who saw everything begun to shout “Praise the Lord”,  so one of our team member prayed for him. There was another young man who saw what happened told us that he was the grandson of the elderly lady that we prayed for.  He also received prayer for his sore back and the pain left him. He recommitted his life to Jesus that morning.

That morning  the Lord blessed a mother, a grandmother and a grandson!

We love when we take risks for the Lord and we love when we see the Father loving his children. This family encountered the love of Jesus and His amazing grace.

“Indeed, I will tell how Christ worked miracles and wonders by the power of the Holy Spirit. I have preached the good news about him all the way from Jerusalem to Illyricum.” (Romans 15:19 CEV)

Come and join us every Saturday morning from 11am to 13:00

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