God Encounters – Cinema!

Last Saturday morning during out outreach a group of us stopped out side Tesco in YorkGate and one of one member of the group gently approached a lady who was waiting for her taxi.

The conversation was very pleasant and she was happy to received some information about our church, we blessed her and walked away. But I felt that there was more than just an invitation so I came back and I found her in the same place. I said to her that I sensed  the Lord wanted to bless her and affirm her, I told her things about her life and she with her eyes wide open confirmed what I was saying, then she told me that what I was saying was true! I said that Lord wanted her to come to a place of healing and peace.  She listened carefully and she allowed me to pray for her. It was a beautiful moment where she felt at peace. Then I left her and I joined the group.

Later that evening my wife and I went to the cinema as the movie was about to start I thought I recognised this same lady, she came with her two sons. She did not see me but at the end of the movie we walked out of the cinema and I smiled at her and she smiled back. She remembered what happened that morning and we both laughed at the coincidence of being in the same place at the same time!

When God is pursuing you, He will make every opportunity to let you know that He wants to encounter you with His passionate love. Don’t run away but embrace His calling.


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