God Encounters – 2015 Long Flight-Prayers & Recovery

img_0374When my mother passed away in 2015 I could not fly to her funeral and to be with my father, my sisters, my family and friends, but three months later I was able to fly to Chile, this is the account of my flight from Belfast to Santiago”:

I landed in Santiago safely! The 13 hours fight had some adventures! For weeks I was praying for seats 19 b&c, so when I met my companions we had a great connection. This Argentinian couple who are mad about Moto Racing following Valentino Rossi’s last two races in Europe! 

My friend, who himself was a former racer, turned to me and said that it was not a coincidence that we were seated together!!! Well I was praying for them. So then he told me about his broken leg due to accident had  and  that he was in severe pain all the time. So I asked him if I can pray for him and without any hesitation he was up for it. So I prayed and the pain completely felt him, he looked across to his wife and he even stood up in one leg, the broken one, without pain!! I got a free invitation to stay in Buenos Aires anytime!!…

Last week my friend Gustavo wrote these words:

…quiero hacer publico por este medio y darte las GRACIAS por haber orado por mi recuperacion ….solo saben unos pocos de mi entorno de aquel milagro que comenzó ya hace más de un año en un avión regresando de Italia ,hoy estoy al 100×100 y lo mínimo que puedo hacer es apoyarte y difundir tu trabajo incondicional……la fe mueve montañas…

.. I want to publish by though Facebook and thank you for having prayed for my recovery…. just a few of my closest friends know of that miracle that started it for over a year ago on a plane returning from Italy.  Today, I’m at 100 × 100 and the least I can do is support you and spread your work unconditional…… Faith can move mountains…

Be encouraged!


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