It all happened in the Living Room!

On our Wednesday homegroup we looked at the story about Jesus, Martha and Mary, which is found in Luke 10.

It is such powerful and revelant story for us today. Jesus was invited by Martha to come into her living room, to eat, to teach, to talk, to have fun and  Jesus. Yet it was in this living room that Jesus experienced a familiy row. – Does that sound familiar?

I asked those siting in the living room to share one word that would best describe them or a word that spoke to them from the story. These are the words: “distraction, worry and conflict”. No one in the home group mentioned the name “Jesus!”!

Then we shared why those words spoke to us and we realised that we were facing worries, conflicts and distraction that were preventing us from an intimate relationship with Jesus. When the Word speaks to us the Holy Spirit shows us what we need.

Martha complained to Jesus about Mary and she asked Him to tell her off for not helping out, you can imagine it:

“why are you not setting the table, where are you? –  Why are you not helping in the kitchen? –  ” Why do I have to do everything? – Do you realise who is in the living room?”.

Jesus’ love for Martha is evident. “Martha you are worry and upset about many things”…

We could be distracted and worry and upset and we can spend days like this and not achieving much because this is temporary, it does not last and it does not produce much fruit!

Mary’s decision is has an eternal value … “it will not be  taken away from her!” – that is one powerful sentence.

We realised that evening how much we have missed spending time with Jesus. So we did something about it! We downloaded a Bible App into our phones, this  application allows you to listen and to read the Scriptures.


During our “living room” home group we realise that it is ok to be Mary and it is also ok to be Martha as long us we are willing to accept the gracious and loving words of Jesus.

“One thing only is essential, and Mary has chosen it—it’s the main course, and won’t be taken from her.”” (Luke 10:42 MESSAGE) 

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