God Encounters – The real power!

Last Saturday morning we had an amazing time with friends from USA and friends from this part of the world. Every Saturday morning we gather in the Living Room Church and from there we walk the streets, sharing a word of encouragement, praying for those whom we encounter and praying over our neighbourhood.

Because we had a large group we had two groups, one group led by Claudio headed towards the Waterworks – Claudio for a long time had a vision to bring his guitar and worship there, in the park,  and so they worshiped. They also prayer walked, and some of them shared with people their stories and were able to pray for them.

The other team headed towards YorkGate and we had a great time. Some of us talked to people in Tesco and others walked around the shopping centre praying for an encounter with the right people at the right time.

As we enter the shopping centre we paused and watched, then some of us went to talk to some of girls who were volunteering for cancer research, as we they chatted I moved towards the booth of a local well known Energy company,  as I approached them they were smiling and ready to talk or ready to sell!

So I said to one of them, How much money would I save if I take your services? I told her how much I pay a month and she reassured me that she was going to get the right offer. To the other sale representative I said I will take the offer only if you let me pray for your back which is really sore, I told her also that she  could not move her  right leg well and also about the pain on the left hand side of her shoulder!! She looked at me for a while and said that this was not the first time people would come to her and speak words to her. I said her that Jesus wanted to encounter her, that He wanted to get her blessed by us praying for her back. I as we prayed she felt heat,  electricity  and power coming on her body, she looked at us in amazement  and said this feels so good! (the irony is that we works for one of the local Energy suppliers) After finishing praying the pain was gone and her smile filled her face. We all were in awe of what just happened. She asked who we were and we told her about our story with Jesus she got an invitation to come to our gatherings and  to meet up for coffee. We are hoping to see them this week.

That morning before we ventured out into the community we shared about how Jesus was able to feed the 5000 people with only a handful of food. He only gave thanks for the food and the disciples fed the crowds as Jesus said they would. That morning we gave thanks for the people we were to encounter and it was through obedience, risk, and faith that we were able to bless those whom we had the opportunity to meet. We felt that something was shifted as we worshiped.





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