Open Skies a Sonnet


Goodbye Malaga
It is cold in NI
Great to see you!
Cool specks
friends, laughter
it is freezing!


Finally booked
It is going to be fine
Get the caravan!
Parked the Caravan!
New faces, old friends!

Where is the tent?
It is not here…
It was meant to be here yesterday…
Prayer walk, the fields are green!
Praying over the site
where the tent should be!

Facebook live!
People praying, prayer movement!
Is the Tent there yet?

Last call
Hi love what is the news?
There is no tent, well it is coming but …
There is a burst pipe and water
flowing, water drenching, water logged!

What happened?
The pole hit a water pipe!
6000 people potentially without it!
Volunteers and people tired
Leaders are evaluating


Is this Prophetic?

Let us pray.
Call to prayer
Call to prayer
Don’t give up

Some travelled the length of the island
to bring a tent on D day
they drove all night,
they are giants

The Tent is here!
25%, 50%
We will trust that it will happen!
Don’t give up!


Is this prophetic?

Sound Checks
People with chairs
People in line
People waiting
People not complaining

Prayer and Prophetic tent
Prayer warriors
Prayer people
Prayer fire

Jesus came!


Then we are off…
I can hear the sound,
I can hear people singing

The Tent is UP and so are hands
worshiping, celebrating and rejoicing
There is hunger, there is passion
We don’t give up!

Saturday! full flow!
People worshipping
People eating
Kids running
People talking
People having fun
Volunteers working
going the extra mile!

Where is she?
The shabba baba woman?
Do you mean Heidi Baker?

Yes she is coming!
Flight delayed
Will Hart, good heart to step in
Then she comes, says hello and to the tent
Then she spoke and prayer ministry till 1am


Great celebration, full house,
communion and real wine!
New Wine for a Hungry Generation
Holy Spirit Chaos in the seminar Tents!
Jordan DiMarco steps up – Servant!

People free
People worshiping
People from different parts of the world
gathered in a field, once soaked with a burst pipe
but now a field that it is soaked with living waters
flowing with HIs Presence!

you can’t script it
you can’t stop it
you can’t control it
Created by a prophetic word
Orchestrated by His Spirit
Angels were seen!
God’s smile was on His Tent!
He made His dwelling among us

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