God encounters – My 1st Encounter!

I grew up in a mix Christian home. I attended Sunday school in my father’s family Church. As a young boy my Granny took me every Sunday to Church where I joined most of my family, cousins, aunties, uncles, you name it. We had a small gang made up of cousins and friends … let me say I had “fun” going to Church!

That church was huge in my eyes, it represented family, history, legacy and generational blessings. However, after my Granny passed away I did not go as often, only when my Dad became a Christian we went almost every Sunday till I decided that I could not go any more.

I lived as a nominal Christian during my youth until I decided to go to church, It was 1989 during my first year of Media studies. No one invited me and no one was trying to force me to go. I remember asking to my Dad “Can I go with you to Church this evening? He wasn’t going to say no to that! It was our local Presbyterian Church. I was searching something meaningful. Well I think God was after me, and that evening I gave my life to Him and I knew then that I was found.

This was a big step for me, during my teens I became so passionate in my dislike of religion that only a personal experience, a personal encounter was the only thing that I was longing for. I needed to reconcile the fact the He is real. 

At the moment of my encounter  I experienced physical heat and I had a vision of fire in me and around me. I could not make sense of that experience at that time but now I know that it was not just a conversion but an empowering manifestation of the Holy Spirit. I understood that this blessing was a generational one, since my Great Grand Father was a Methodist Minister who led with many others the Methodist Pentecostal Revival in Valparaiso, Chile. That was my first encounter!


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