God Encounters – A warm kitchen

I was meeting a friend this week in a local coffee shop and just before he came to meet me the owner of the small Coffee Shop came to me and said “I am so happy to see you”, one of my children is suffering from severe depression and he is coming here to see me. I can’t believe this! I think this is God’s ordained! Can you pray for him?

I will be happy pray!! Wow! I love when the Lord gives you opportunities like this! So the young man came into the coffee shop and we went into the kitchen. I shared with him my experience of praying and seeing people getting better. I told him how much the Lord loves him.

I encouraged him to take the medicine that the doctor prescribed him. We chatted for about 15 minutes and I the Lord began to release his presence as we were talking, at one point even before I prayed he said to me that he was feeling much better, his face begun to change.

When I prayed, I asked Jesus to fill him up with love and his amazing presence, to ask that the heaviness that he was carrying be removed and the change that was taking place in that kitchen was remarkable. I encouraged him to ask the Presence of Jesus to come into his life and he reassured me that he was going to do just that at home, in his room. I believed him. In front of me, there was a different man to the one I met 20 minutes ago! Then his the owner of the coffee shop came and I got the best hug that a parent can give! I felt so humble and privilege.
Release His presence…

““Comfort, oh comfort my people,” says your God.”

(Isaiah 40:1 MESSAGE)

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