He is a natural!

He is a natural! That is what I heard someone saying last evening as I visited the Bowling Club of our church.

I have never played Bowls before, I still don’t know the rules of the game! There is a yellow small ball that you need to get closer to, and there are rules about how to throw. Well, I got closer to the yellow ball more than I can remember and I touched it twice!! Impressive!! – That is all I know!!

But what I loved most was the respect, the friendship and the fun. I can imagine Jesus coming to this group and instead of teaching them some important lessons about life, He would have been playing and since He is the Son of God would have used all his power to deepen his love and friendship with them and maybe win!

What touched me was not just the fun of the game, but people loving community and community is at the heart of God. We can’t grow in our relationship with God if we are not in a community. We need one another and we depend on one another. I got to know them, they go to know me a little bit, not just as their Minister but as a fellow player!!

Why is this so important to me? Because I get to love and release His Presence in the most natural way. It has to become natural!!

“I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.” (Psalms 27:13 NIV11)

The goodness of God is His Glory and His Glory is found in the face of Jesus, it is found in the Gospels and we are being transformed from glory to glory, imitating, and becoming more and more like Him. What if we seek to see the goodness of the Lord in the land we are standing on right now? Yesterday’s bowling was holy ground.


I think I have been invited to a Bowling competition at the end of the month!



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