Tina Cassidy and Psalm 124

I have never met Tina, yet, all I know is that she was onboard the Logos 2 before I joined the Ship in 1992.

I came across this worship song through a cassette tape that was produced onboard the Ship and immediately I knew that this song was anointed by the Holy Spirit. There is something refreshing, holy and humble about this song that personally has become a hymn to me. Every time I read Psalm 124 its melody, the sound of Tina’s song comes back to remind me of the grace and loving Presence of God.

There is something so delicate and vulnerable about this song, which on this video was sung onboard, probably inside one of the cabins. This vulnerability is so attractive that makes me stop, listen and be thankful.

I sang this song onboard the Ship, through leading worship and as part of the floating worshipping community. Now that I have found this video with Tina singing it all the memories are coming back to a special time where together with almost 200 people from different nationalities were moved by the simplicity and beauty of this rendering of Psalm 124.

The amazing thing is that this song has reached every corner of this world with a melody and message that is still powerfully relevant today,

I hope that one day I will meet Tina, she comes from this amazing island of Ireland.


2 responses to “Tina Cassidy and Psalm 124”

  1. Thanks Dario! I also love the song and it’s memories… Once I sung it in a Daily Audio Bible online event and got real positive feedback from people I still don’t know yet…
    Dios es bueno!! Un abrazo y bendiciones desde Holanda!

  2. Thanks Dario -s I just googled this to do a cover of a song that always rings in my mind from those day we had together long ago when we joined the Logos 2 in your homeland. Your reflection is right on! Thanks for the video.

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