Walk around the lake, the Journey.

It was Monday morning and after visiting my local GP,  who reassured of my good health! I went for a walk to a place where I have not visited for years, only 20 minutes drive from our home – “Castlewellan Park”.

A short distance from the entrance you will see the beautiful Castle, and suddenly many images flashed inside my mind, it was as if the Lord was reminding me of my first visit to Castlewellan.

It was September 1995, Denise and I were newly married, we left Chile to come to Belfast Bible College not knowing then that Northern Ireland was to become our home for the following years.

Why Northern Ireland? People kept asking us, don’t you know about the troubles? Yes, we did! But that did not stop us.  We knew that the Lord opened the doors for us in an incredible way and now looking back I realise that the step of faith we took has become so significant for us as a family here Northern Ireland! This wee amazing country!

That weekend in 1995, Denise and I made friends for life. Zonya, Rachael, Jim, Luis, Nigel, Isabel and many others. I remember Rev. David Bruce, taking the morning devotionals and worship was led by other senior students. It was a special time, a time of hope, vision and learning. As I got closer to the Castle, I could hear deep within me the laughter, the joy, the reverence, the songs, the prayers, the walks in the woods, it all came back to me! As I walked I sensed His approval and His joy.

This journey has become larger and bigger than my prayer that I prayed back in my cabin, onboard the Logos 2. I knew that God was calling me to be a Minister, but I did not know how His word was going to unfold.

Now, I am ministering and serving God so close to where it all began for us.

It took me almost one hour to walk around the lake, my next goal is to run around it!

This journey is far from over.

“In all your ways remember him. Then he will make your paths smooth and straight.” (Proverbs 3:6 NIRV) 

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