The Bees are coming!

It was Monday evening and I was heading to one of our Homegroups where I was told “pizza” was on offer and I could not resist that invitation!

Before we got started we all received a beautiful gift, it was a prayer journal with a personal drawing on the front cover.

My picture, a beautiful flower with a bee and the words “synergy”. I was told that it represents the ministry that the Lord is giving me as one of “pollination”.


Now, few weeks before the homegroup I met up with a beautiful couple who are spiritual fathers in this land. They told me about the vision that my friend Mitch had  (see below). They also invited me to attend a prayer gathering where they would pray regarding that vision.

I have attended many different prayer meetings before, but this was different. I found myself surrounded by prayer warriors, who for many years have been praying this land. When it was time for sharing the vision my friend said:

“The bees are coming. I am sending swarms of bees to pollinate the trees, do not be afraid of the bees in your garden, do not be afraid to give away pollen, do not chase my bees from your flowers.”

I was stunned! I reached out for my rucksack, got my Bible out and there I found my prayer journal with the drawing. I walked to my friend, I showed it to her, we both smiled!

This is the vision that my friend Mitch from Crown Jesus Ministries received.

Three weeks ago I was driving across the border from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland when I sensed the LORD speaking to me and giving me a picture.

Now, it’s important that you note two things:
Firstly the words ‘I felt the LORD speaking’. I didn’t hear an audible voice but an inward impression.

Secondly I am not someone who gets pictures and visions regularly but when it does happen I pray into it, test it by scripture and take time to consider what the LORD would have me to do with it. Hence the three week gap.

That evening we had a worship and prayer evening at Crown Jesus Ministries and the special guest felt he had a picture to share… a picture of an apple tree.

I asked him about it afterward, he NEVER had a picture of an apple tree before! You may call that coincidence but I do not. God was challenging me to reflect further.

Often the words and pictures I receive are for my own spiritual guidance or for a small group of people. This is the first time I have ever shared a picture on social media and blog but I am only seeking to be faithful to what God has impressed upon my heart.
It’s yours to discern…

‘As I was driving across the boarder I sensed the LORD giving me the following revelation, I saw an apple tree blossom in a garden. Beyond the fences I could see other gardens had a single apple trees also. They were very pretty, yet some had no fruit, and others had very little fruit and the apples were small.

I enquired of the LORD what was the meaning?
The reason for the lack of fruit was the lack of cross pollination. These trees all required a pollination partner, the partner has to be a different variety of the same fruit species. Two trees of the same variety will not pollinate each other.

The Lord then impressed upon me these words: ‘In 2018 the bees are coming. I am sending swarms of bees to pollinate the trees, do not be afraid of the bees in your garden, do not be afraid to give away pollen, do not chase my bees from your flowers.’

This is my interpretation of the picture and words:
Churches and ministries across Ireland are the trees, in being over protective of our ministries, money and members we have chased the bees from our garden. We have been afraid of the very thing that will bring much fruit. We need to give away our pollen. The Lord is sending the bees, 2018/19 has the potential to be the most fruitful years ever if we will only take our eyes of our own tree, not be afraid of the bees and give to the Kingdom of God. (It was significant that I was crossing the boarder at the time I received the the picture being inclusive but not exclusive to cross-boarder projects.)


In practice what will this look like? Some examples:

1, Exodus taking your young people on a mission trip, will bring your church much fruit

2, building relationships, sharing resources and finances with other church’s in your community who have a need will bring you much fruit

3, Giving money away to mission local and across the island will bring you much fruit

4, Summer Madness, S.U, Y.F.C, Young Life, Crown Jesus etc. sharing skills and resources with local churches and with each other will bring much fruit

5, Investing in church planting across Ireland will bring much fruit

6, Joint non-denominational prayer gatherings and outreach events will bring much fruit

7, Releasing and sending your congregation into mission in Ireland will bring much fruit



A brief prayer:

Father God, give us the ability to see beyond our own fence, to take courage and invite your Holy Spirit to invade our garden. Freely we give our resources to the Mission of God in Ireland. Father God, bear your fruit in us that Jesus Christ your son might be gloried in our lives,


One response to “The Bees are coming!”

  1. Just doing shopping and reading your blog, love it. I’ve walked off Lidl whereI was about buya small apple tree to go with our other fruit trees ! Think I’ll go back and get it!

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