Worship – Brian Houston & First Ballynahinch!

Last Sunday evening we were blessed, we had Brian Houston leading worship with our worship team at our Encounter Evening Service.

Brian carries a powerful anointing not just leading worship but teaching it too. This was Brian’s first time with us at First Ballynahinch Presbyterian Church, and it was the very first time that our worship team played with Brian. It was so good!

That afternoon I learnt that worship is not just singing spiritual songs with precision and right timing. It is not so much about a set of songs that must be played. It is not so much about getting it right but capturing the essence of who we are and who He is in His Presence.

Worship should be creative, imaginative and courageous. It should be a place where freedom is created making room to explore how good God is and how His manifest Presence is revealed. He loves to be worshipped, it is a place of holy revelation, where we are changed.

Brian and our worship team invited us to join them in their intimate journey of discovering who God is, singing simple words and allowing the flowing of musical notes to create a portal ready to be crossed,  where the things in this world look pale in comparison to the glorious heavenly places where God dwells. It is in His Presence we find a constant overflow of voices, melodies and songs praising His Name. It is in that place where we find who we truly are, we are free worshippers.

I don’t know of any worship leader like Brian Houston, who creates a glorious space where freedom is a “melody”, capable to lead us into the Presence of Jesus.


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