The Journey…

People have asked me how I became a Christian, missionary, and a Rev. Well, this is just a summary of my journey!


I became a Christian in 1989 during my first year of Media studies. I knew the message of Salvation as I grew up in a Christian home and within a Christian tradition. Attending Sunday school in my father’s family Church. I lived as a nominal Christian during my youth until I decided to go to church (Presbyterian Church) on Sunday and I gave my life to Jesus, and I knew then that I had found the truth. At the moment of my conversion, I experienced physical heat, and I had a vision of fire in me and around me. I could not make sense of that experience at that time, but now I know that it was not just conversion but an empowering manifestation of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I understood that this blessing was a generational one since my Great Grand Father was a Methodist Minister who led with many other leaders the Methodist Pentecostal Revival in Valparaiso, Chile.


Soon after my encounter with Jesus, I took part in the first mission conference and outreach in Chile organised by Operation Mobilisation. I was challenged to give my life to God and serve Him in Missions as I took part in a mission trip to the South of Chile. I became very involved in my local church in outreach and the formation of a mission committee. At the same time, the Pastor, my church began to train me in ministry, and I became a youth leader responsible for youth cells in teaching, pastoral care and outreach.

In 1992 I joined Operation Mobilisation’s Mission Ship Logos 2, I was sent by my local church as their missionary. I completed the two years of discipleship training, attended many of the seminars on aboard and developed the gift of preaching and leadership. I became a translator for the many Pastors’ conferences and enjoyed preaching at the different churches that we visited. I matured as a Christian, especially in the area of world missionary vision as I understood something of God’s plan for his world. During my time on board, I prayed about theological education to be trained as a minister and bible teacher. In 1995 we joined Belfast Bible College where I studied till 2001, gaining a Bachelor of Theology and a Masters in Theology. During our time in Belfast, I took different church placements where I had the opportunity to preach, lead services and be involved with the youth. In 2001 we went to Madrid as a SAMS Mission Partner to work as a Youth Pastor for two years.

The Rev

As a young Christian, I sensed the Lord’s calling into Church Ministry, in part, it is not surprising given my family background but also due to the Spiritual Gifts that I believe I have received. I developed the Gift of Teaching, Pastor, Leadership and I have found great pleasure in exercising them. Accountable Christian leaders and friends have seen this and have encouraged me to seek the Lord in this direction. One extraordinary event took place in Argentina in 1993 when a brother in Christ, who I had never previously met, gave a word of knowledge and prophesied that I would be a Minister. It struck me because I was praying for the Lord’s guidance in my life, as I wanted to commit myself to Him. Now I am an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

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