Why I believe In OpenSkies!


It was August 2014, Shane Castle, County Antrim our destination. “OpenSkies” the first and the biggest worship festival in Ireland was about to take place.

I parked our caravan on the green field, we were not alone, slowly people began to arrive and in the course of the afternoon and evening, the place became alive.

The big tent, the sound check, the smell of fresh food, burgers, chips… and I somehow ended up helping out in the small portable tent helping people with their registration.

When the first music note was played, the gentle stroke of an acoustic guitar and the blasting sound of drums was the invitation we all heard summing us to gather, to worship.

So many good things that happened that weekend, the presence of the Lord was tangible and people, hungry for the presence of God were encountering the Holy Spirit through worship. Then from the main stage, the call for prayer ministry was issued and bang!

The small circular circus-type tent became a sanctuary, we were overwhelmed with the response. People being prayed, touched, filled with the Holy Spirit, healed, delivered. All because of the powerful call and the blasting sound of worship, of revival, of the goodness of God released in worship.

I will never forget what Brian Houston did one evening, it was past 11pm and he was in full flow and blasting out when we heard that because of some legal regulations we could not go on, so Brian unplucked his guitar came off the stage and came to the centre of the tent and we all gathered around him and with the worship team in an impro unplug worship session we became the worship band, we became one. No one to stop us, defiance, boldness and courage, hungry and humble, crying and laughing, meeting Jesus.

This year is the 5th year of OpenSkies, the biggest worship gathering in Ireland, we are privileged to be part of the OpenSkies family. What was released in 2014 has grown into a powerful call to the nations to worship, to seek and ask for the heavens to open up and to be showered with God’s Goodness, He loves to be worshipped and we love worshipping him.

For the last four years, I have seen the Lord moving so powerfully, so close, so tangible, so loving, it has filled my heart to overflow.

Here are my three reasons why I believe in OpenSkies and why you should come.

  1. It is the biggest worship festival in Ireland, there is no one place in this land where you will be ministered by anointed worship leaders. The line-up for this year is amazing. 

  2. It is a family event, there is something so powerful and beautiful when we come as children of God to worship Him.

  3. Testimonies, stories, every year we hear of so many ways the Lord has moved in people’s lives.

Follow this link and click here and book your place.

OpenSkies 10th-12th of August, Shane Castle  


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