Ballynahinch Mission Week Team -Day 3


Your dirt doesn’t define you!

Every morning I will be meeting with the team and share with them some devotional thoughts, so that that they can have a time with Jesus and be ready for all the missional activities prepared for them.

The theme for our time together is “Encountering Jesus”!

Let me say this upfront:

 “your dirt does not define you”.

Jesus encountering the Samaritan woman, in the Gospel of John, is one massive encounter!

This woman is so real, so spiritual, she knows that one day the Messiah will come and will explain all things! And Yes – Right in front of her was Jesus.

She realises fast that Jesus is not just a thirsty traveller asking for water in the middle of a hot day, and talking to Jesus was probably safe since Jesus was passing by. But she realises fast that Jesus is a really good prophet, even though she does not know who Jesus is, she is savvy enough to know that only a prophet could read her mail, and Jesus did that!

All her village knew she has had five husbands, that was not a secret, her neighbours knew about her broken relationships. But maybe no one knew that the man she was living now was not her husband. With her eyes wide opens she encounters Jesus and Jesus never condemns her.

The last thing she on her mind was to meet someone who would condemn her, someone being religious, judgmental and Jesus was NOT.

I have met so many single mothers, some of them getting pregnant by different men, will never enter through the doors of a church because of the fear of being condemned. The truth is that they already know that.

“Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.”

(1 Peter 4:8 ESV)

There are few places in the New Testament where Jesus says that He is the Christ and Jesus does that here with the Samaritan woman! What an amazing encounter!!


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