Prophetic Captivated

I love prophetic people, they are amazing people to be with! Some of my best friends are prophets! They hold the prophetic office with honour and integrity.  They exercise their prophetic gifts with love and passion, always taking risks, they are fearless.

I have been reading the book of Ezekiel and sentences like these ones are captivating:

“The hand of the Lord came to me”

“Set your face toward…”

“He said to me”

“And the Spirit lifted me up”

“I saw”

“The Spirit of the Lord came into me and raised me to my feet”

I believe that this kind of language is not just the language of the Prophets but for all of us who are followers of Jesus! In fact, He said my sheep listen to my voice!

What is the secret? Intimacy is the key! I know the voice of every single one of my family, my kids, my wife, even our cats!! Why? Because I am so familiar with them. This is so real, common and ordinary, but essentially and beautifully captivating.

If you and I want to grow into the Prophetic Ministry join a church where the Prophetic office and the gift are valued. Be accountable to your leaders.  Get to know what His voice sounds like! Don’t become isolated the Prophetic gift is meant to be exercised in the church.

Let me ask you this:

What does the voice of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit sound like? Which are you most familiar with?

Be Blessed!

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