Sometimes we don’t get an answer, we are left with so many questions, we are left wondering, pondering why?

Within the last three weeks, two families that we have come to know through serving the Lord have lost a son and a daughter, aged 21 and 18. Both through accidents

Why? I don’t know. Why so young? Why them? I don’t know. Yesterday my phone rang alerting me of our dear shipmate tragic news. I know that our ship family have been messaging him with so many moving words and prayers. We are a family scattered around the world. I can only imagine the pain is raw, brutal and shocking.

Maybe I am asking the wrong, WHY? Maybe the timing to ask that question is wrong!

Maybe what I believe at this point about the WHY is not relevant.

Today, I was reading the letter that Paul wrote to Titus, in the first three verses Paul greets Titus with the words Grace and Peace.

Grace has the capacity to carry us through, Grace is strong, it does not break. Peace is a person, Jesus.

There are no words…

Maybe we don’t need to have words…

Maybe we can borrow them…

We can borrow words like Grace and Peace.

Would you pray with me for these two families?

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