God Encounters – Best Mate!

We had an amazing evening at the HUB in Oragefield Presbyterian Church on Saturday evening. We were invited by Crown Jesus Ministries to set up the OpenSkies Prayer Tent.

We had an amazing team, ready to love and pray for the young people that came to the HUB. Our friend Mitch asked us, before he began his talk, to go the prayer tent and he invited all who were in need of prayer to go to us and many did during his talk.

We had a steady group of young people who wanted prayer for their families, schools and future. At the end of the talk, I believe, twelve young people came to Jesus.

So, the first to come to our tent was a very trendy young lad! We asked him what he wanted us to pray for and without thinking it too much he said, “can you pray for my mate that I brought with me this evening, I would like him to become a Christian”.

What boldness! We prayed for him and then he left the tent and went back to hear Mitch.

Then, it happened, two of our amazing prayer team were praying for two young lads, I did see who they were only to realise after that it was our friend, the one we prayed for! And he was with his mate and right there our prayer team led this young man to Jesus!

What an encounter! It has begun by a friend asking for prayer for his best mate to encounter the love of Jesus and in that tent, he became His followers.

A friend prayed and a friend encounter the Lord!

It reminded me of a group of friends sharing with another friend saying, “come and see we have found the Lord”

Prayer works!!

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