Do not forget who you are!

This morning sitting with my Bible open, my journal and drinking coffee in the best coffee shop in my town I came across these words:

And have you forgotten the exhortation that addresses you as sons? (Heb. 12:5 ESVi)

Wow, I needed to hear these words, yes the context of this verse is the Father’s discipline! I needed to be reminded today that God talks to me, encourages me like a Father to a Son.

This week, I was in a gathering where I felt the heaviness of graceless words wrapped up in a holy language that if I am not careful can steel away who I am in Him and who He says I am. I refuse to see myself as a beggar asking for God”s mercy, that is not how He sees us, not if you are in Christ. Sons and daughters will never be beggars!

This weekend it is going to be really busy, with an Alpha Weekend and three services on Sunday. It would be very easy to fall upon the expectations of people and bring the fear of man to dictate and forget that the discipline of the Father is full of grace, forgiveness and mercy. Rise up my Son, you were made for this!

To forget you are in the midst of business is to allow business to steal away from the inner peace and assurance that we are in Him and He is in us.

Be encouraged!

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