One year ago!

I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope.
Psalm 130:5 NIVUK

One year on the 12th of January I became the Minister of First Ballynahinch Presbyterian Churcc, that day has become really important in my life, my family and First.

I am only thankful to the Lord for His faithfulness, waiting on the Lord is, if we are honest, one of the hardest things we can do, waiting for his timing and not relying on ours is humbling. Sometimes it seems that everything is ready to move forward but I have learnt that even though that may be true, it is not that simple. To wait on the Lord is to be aware of His Presence. That was my experience as I came to First.

I believe that what sustains us in our time of “waiting on the Lord’ is HOPE!

Hope in the Lord is crucial, it is in His Word where our minds, hearts, body and spirit is set. Hoping in the Lord’s Word makes us a Christ-Centred People.

Be Blessed.

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