Tell it out!

For some, the prophetic gifts ended when the full revelation of God was given to men in the form of a book. For others, the prophetic gifts are mystical, misused and provocative.  For others, the prophetic gifts are an enigma. It has been said that much ignorance leads to misunderstanding and this is so true when it comes to the prophetic.

If you are able to hear the Lord for your life, why do we think it would be different hearing the Lord for other people? In my experience, I have found that it takes more discipline to hear the Lord for myself than hearing for others!

Love is the essence on which all the prophetic gifts are founded upon. Personally, I struggle with the gloom and doom and “thus says”. Paul wrote that the best gift ever given to man is love, therefore, every attempt in hearing the Lord for other people needs to be based on love.

Paul urges the Corinthian Church to follow the way of love and to eagerly desire the gift of the Spirit, especially prophesy, why? Because I believe it the most common of the gifts!

Would you really oppose and reject someone who tries hearing the Lord for the sole purpose of encouraging you, to build you up and to strengthen you? Wouldn’t you like to know what the Lord thinks of you?

I remember when I used to coach tennis, I was always encouraging, building up and strengthen the kids that came to learn, some of them were very talented players with great potential and others were not so, and yet I loved the fact that at their own particular level they were able to land one good forehand or backhand, even when the ball did not make the court, I always looked for the righ body movement. It was basic tennis and I loved it!

Basic prophesy is the gift that enable us to become an encourager!

What if before we say something we get a download of love from the Lord and we begin to see humanity as he sees and we use our voices to affirm in love and to challenge in love.

I am always reminded, lately even more than ever that mercy triumph over jugdment and love covers a mutitute of sins!

Just say it!



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