This week my friend Brian Houston, who is one of the most gifted songwriters and worship leaders that I know, and I met to dream and have a go at some music projects. I learnt so much from him that day, and it was great getting together.

We both share a passion for worship, good music and food. However, we realised that we were not alone, unusual birds activities were going on outside the window. We did not know why, but seagulls were coming and going very close to the window, to the point that they were making a lot of noise! We could actually reach them, only to realise that one of the seagulls was trapped between a low wall and the actual building. The seagull could not climb, was getting tired and could not fly!

So Brian and I got into action and in between the walls, we put a banjo case with the idea that it will climb up and fly. Brian found a cane, why Brian has a cane on his studio I don’t know, but it was so crucial to help seagull. I began gently to encourage the seagull to move and climb up on to the banjo case, and after fighting with the cane that I was holding stretching as much as I could, I am not tall at all, the seagull finally climbed onto the banjo case, and it flew away, spreading its wings as God intended.

We felt so proud, like an enviromental and aminal rescue pro!!

Why am I sharing this? Well, simply because there was something so amazing in setting this bird free. To see it flying away as God created, it made me realise that we are on this earth together.

Now, you can think of any Biblical analogy, but the simple fact remains: “Helping someone to gain freedom from anything or anyone it is a privilege, joy and calling, it is our responsibility. That is why the Gospel is so powerful.

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