God Encounters

I love when we step out in faith and take the risk of blessing someone we don’t know.

This happens some weeks ago as I was meeting some friends in Montalto Estate coffee area. As I sat and drinking coffee, it was very hard not to notice the people who come with friends and families to the State.

I saw an elderly couple, and they sat on the long table, she was wearing a foot support cast, they got my attention, and I was drawn to her. I decided to pray for them as I sat and talked to my friends and when our meeting was over, I walked to them.

First, I thought that her leg was a fracture, so I sat with them, introduced myself, and I offer to pray. They smiled at me and said yes, they told me they believe in healing prayer and that they are followers of Jesus.

I was totally wrong about the leg, it was not a fracture but a condition related to another illness. I prayed my simple prayer, and the pain did not go but it was less intense.

Even though the pain and discomfort were less, they were so touched that someone, a stranger with a different accent would stop and pray for them.

That is taking risks and loving people, seeing them as He sees them, full of compassion and care.

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