Early morning, great breakfast, and Sam and I were on our way to London. I am sitting on the train watching the amazing Buckinghamshire country sight, taking in everything that my eyes can see, filling my lungs with air, full of expectations of what promises to be a great day.

London is a fantastic capital, Sam and I came yesterday and spent most of our time visiting the History and Natural Museum of London, I kept looking for Paddington Bear and Sam, again and again, reminded me that this Museum comes alive at night time!! (You have to see the films). We had a light lunch in a small Italian Coffee just opposite the train station and Sam looking at me said: “Dad, you know I am British, but I feel like a tourist here”!

I loved his observation, he is indeed so right, that is why we came here for. We came to be tourists within our nation. We are citizens and tourists at the same time.

What Sam said resonated with me, it is about identity, we assumed the posture of being a tourist, seeing life from another set of lenses.

Something happens when you assume the posture of a tourist, all your senses are awakened! You see life differently, there are different smells and varied food to taste, and for a short period, we are capable of taking everything in.

Sam and I talked a lot about the different people we encountered. As I reflected on the very nature of cities, I could not help but be thankful of what is promised to us, a city which is real and exciting, the city where the streets are made of gold and where the tree of life is firmly planted.

What if we live our lives with the lenses of a tourist and we take in everything the Lord has giving us. Just imagine if our spiritual senses are awaken and we begin to love life and those around us. Jesus prayed that in this world we would be protected by His Father, saying that we are not of this world but that we are citizens of his kingdom. I am becoming more convinced that the reality of His Kingdom should be our very own reality, living by the power and values of his realm and seeing our lives just like my son said, assuming the posture of heaven and become a tourist here on earth.

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