Sundays @ First

It is to be experienced

(Sunday 1st of Sept. 2019)

This season in First, we will be teaching, learning and experiencing the Presence of God’s Holy Spirit. We are so looking forward to what the Lord will do through us!

I have found that directly or not the Presence of God as the Trinity is mentioned in the Great Commission. This is clearly seen in Matt 20:16-20, but it is also implied in Mark 16:15-19, where the trinity is Present, and the Holy Spirit’s work is indicated and empathised through signs and wonders.

John 20:21-23, the Trinity is Present, and Jesus filled breathed the Spirit upon the disciples. Jesus gave them authority over forgiveness. In Luke 24:45-49. The Trinity is implied, and the Holy Spirit is promised.

When it comes to the book of Acts, we find that the Trinity is implied by the Promise of the Holy Spirit by the author. So we have Acts :1:8, Acts 2:1-4 and Acts 2:17-18 they all speak to us about the Promise of God’s Holy Spirit, promised by the Father as a result of his Son sacrifice and resurrection.

Now, Theologians have written thousands of books about the Trinity, and I believe that millions of sermons have been preached throughout history and the globe to grasp and to try to understand the Mystery of the Trinity that God is Three in One and it is One in Three. We even in this land we have been taught that the Trinity could be understood as a Shamrock!! Yet every imaginary falls short of the correct and proper understanding of the God who is one in three persons.

God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

I believe that even the brightest mind cannot truly comprehend the true meaning of this revelation of God. Why? Because it is not, I believe that the Triune God is not a concept that has to be understood with our minds and rationality, but “The Trinity is to be experienced!”
God the Father has a particular voice and character, and He is relational.
God the Son has a distinct voice and character, and He is relational.
God, the Holy Spirit, has a particular voice and character, He is referred to as Person of the Holy Spirit, and He is relational. Paul said so well in 2 Cor. 13:13!! We are meant to have fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

The Trinity is to be experienced when this happens, we become alive!!

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