God Encounter- you got mail!

I love when the Lord makes everything happens and bring his plan into action inviting us to join him in blessing people that he loves.

Today I spent most of the day in our church halls, filming and organising an alternative worship service. We run our Food Bank from our Church halls and today as I was about to leave I received an email from someone asking us for help.

I replied saying that I will wait and that we are happy to help. Well, it did not take long for this amazing young man to come and we talked. People who have been in lockdown are so wanting for someone to talk to and to be heard. He told me his story and also that he is waiting for an operation on his right ankle. I asked him what his pain level was, and he told me it was 7 out of 10. I said that I would like to pray for his pain to go and he said “yes” please.

So I prayed a simple prayer, and he was even praying with me. Then I asked him to recheck his ankle, and to his surprised, the pain was not there! He asked me: “Is this magic? I said, not, you heard me prayed, I did not touch you!
He was so moved and thankful! I said that the same God who is taking the pain away is willing to take the pain of his heart, and he looked at me and said: “yes, I know”.

He left with a smile, and I gained a new friend.

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