God encounters


Last Thursday evening, I was invited to speak at an event organised by Interdenominational Divine Healing Ministry. A movement that seeks to bless the body of Christ under the inspirational leadership of my brother Fergus Morrow. It was a blessing to be part of it and to have Martin with me leading worship was even better. Martin is a worship leader in First Church.

I was looking forward to seeing what the Lord was going to do, yet I could not see much of it!! Let me explain!

I am short-sighted, and I use contact lenses all the time, yet that day I couldn’t because I was suffering the effects of hay fever, so I was wearing my glasses for reading only! I could see everything that was just in front of me, my Bible, and my notes, but I could not see the people sitting on the pews!
But the Lord’s presence was tangible, and I had faith to believe that people would be ministered directly by the Holy Spirit and by the prayer ministry afterwards.

There was a young lady who the Lord highlighted during preaching and worship, but I could not see any facial expressions. As our host was inviting people to move deeper into the presence of God and come forward for prayer, she made her way up to the front.
I had the privilege of praying for her, and then I asked if she was a Christian, she said no!
I smiled, and I asked her if she wanted to be one, and I led her through a prayer of repentance, confession, and when I asked the Holy Spirit to fill her, she experienced peace and joy! We prayed for other things, but that was real, tangible and reminded me that Holy Spirit could touch anyone he wants.

It did not matter that I could not see. I trusted the Lord, and we experienced the most important healing that could ever take place in someone’s life.

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