Trust the Process

Over the last few weeks I have shared about walking on empty and the importance of spiritual recovery. Generally, the idea of recovery is that of a process and honesty the Christian life is like that. We are in the process of becoming like our Master.

Part of this process is acknowledging who we are, and this is important because I refused to be known and accepted by what I do in my life.

On the OM Ship Logos 2, I came across a teaching series by Dr Charles Stanley on the identity that we have Christ. There were cassettes tapes!! Do you remember them? For months, I listened to this teaching based on Ephesians 1, and it was transformational in how I saw myself. That above all the names, role tags that I wear, the only thing that matters is that I am a son of God. That is my identity that I am in Christ.

The process of spiritual recovery should start by discovering who you are in Christ. Our identity is hidden in him, and from that place, we need to find out what He sees in us, what He says about us. It is from that point where our mindsets are changed.

We don’t go alone in this process. We were never meant to grow isolated, we are made for relationships.  There are some important people in my life besides my family, and I have friends who are willing to take the time to listen, challenge me, and accept me as I am.

Last Friday, I walked with a friend who has impacted my life more than anyone since I have been here in Northern Ireland. Someone who knows me well enough to challenge me in love. I told him my battles, and he shared his. We talked about many things, family, ministry, and what we believe God is doing now. But, even though we walked for over 8 miles, which is a big deal for me, it was joyful. Yes, I could hardly move when I got to the car! But the presence of someone who is not afraid to be open and honest with you is I believe, the gift of friendship.

Isn’t this the same when we take time to be with the Holy Spirit? It takes some steps, the process of trust, getting to know him, and it is in that place where we realise that he is the only one that can bring us back to life again. Isn’t this the process of renewal?  

To learn to trust him again and to be thankful for the process he is taking us. This is where the words we say do not do justice in expressing the deep desire of being in his presence. That desire is his desire in us. Dr Mike Hutchings, director of Global Awakening Supernatural School of Ministry, shared with us at the start of the Global Summer Intensive School to “trust the process.” He was right!

This Sunday morning, I am preaching from the letter of Galatians, and in the last chapter of this letter Paul writes about sowing in the Spirit. Those who sow in the Spirit will reap eternal life, which is the blessing of belonging to God’s Kingdom.

“the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life.” (Galatians 6:8 ESV)

Sowing and reaping is a process. Can I ask you to consider this question: What are you sowing in the Spirit?

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