Simplicity made beauty


The simplicity made beauty. Something so simple, profound, and beautiful about this album takes me back to many places and encounters with the Lord.
Thank you for thinking of us; thank you for reaching and touching a place where simplicity is made profound and full of incredible wonder, an invitation to go in the presence of the Lord.

I recently read: “Waste some time with God. It is simply to waste time for and with God. It cuts a hole in our busyness and reminds us and others that it is God and not we who creates and sustains the world. (Henri Nouwen- You Are The Beloved)

This album “Faith of my Father” does that! It cuts a hole in my business and invites me to waste time with the Lord. I know all these songs; I have sung them in many places and different settings. But this is refreshingly different; Stephany Gretzinger voice is honest, transparent, calm and anointed.

If you listen carefully, you will hear a powerful whisper calling us, reminding us that we carry with us the faith of our fathers.

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