God Encounters – Happy Birthday

During my Sabbatical, I had the fantastic opportunity to spend time with my cousin Jimena and her family. I was in their home for almost three weeks! Miami is a beautiful place, and the weather, well, for someone who has lived in Northern Ireland for over twenty-six years, let me say it was a blessing!!

Jimena has great friends, and we were invited to the home of one of her closest friends, a beautiful home and great company. There were lots of Chileans but also Cubans. During the evening meal, I sat across this couple from Cuba, both teachers who left Cuba to give their children a better future. They told me that they work in a major supermarket; one of them, the mother, works cutting fruits and placing them on trades for customers to buy.

I was sitting across from her, and I asked if her elbow was sore, she said yes, her pain level was over ten, and her elbow was swollen. I asked her if I could pray for her pain and healing, and with a smile, she said yes, please!

“I believe in God and in his power”, she said, then I told her what I do, that sometimes when I pray for people, they can experience the presence of God.

I prayed for the pain to leave and for the swelling to go in Jesus’ name, and then she started to move her elbow; in less than five minutes, it was no longer painful, and the swelling was gone! All this took place while other people were talking about their lives, I think my cousin saw what I was doing, and she smiled.

Praise God that he, during an evening meal, is in a place of laughter, joy, friendship and family. He showed his Glory.

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