Today is the second day of lent, not advent, as I mistakenly wrote yesterday! Thank all of you who took the time to point it out, and I hope you take the time to read it. I am growing in grace.

“And Pilate asked him, “Are you the King of the Jews?” And he answered him, “You have said so.” And the chief priests accused him of many things.” (Mark 15:2–3 ESVi)

I have not been in a courtroom, though I was once asked to go on jury duty. However, because of my work, I am legally not allowed.

But here in these two verses, we are witnesses of a court proceeding, where an innocent man is standing before a man who had the power to grant pardon, release a prisoner and sentence him to death by crucifixion.

Jesus is before Pilate and the chief priests, who are now more open in their hatred of Jesus. They are now accusing him of many things.
Like many dictators, Pilate does not want to waste time and is direct. He does not call him Messiah, healer or prophet. I am sure he knew about Jesus and wanted to meet him.

This is why he asks: Are you the King of the Jews?

Here we have the three kingdoms colliding—the kingdom of darkness represented by Pilate, the chief priests, and the Kingdom of Jesus.

Jesus knows and is not naive; he realises he is before Pilate and the religious authorities. He answers Pilate’s question with the same power and authority, affirming his status as King Jesus says, “You have said so”. He does not deny it but confirms in the presence of his accusers that he is KING.

I wonder how these words of Jesus resonated inside the minds and hearts of the chief priests. They had the Son of Man across the room, but because of their blindness, they could not see him. Pilate interrogating Christ was more of a satisfying deep curiosity. Yet, I believe that Jesus’ answer also resonated within him. There are two types of people here: Those who are inquisitive and ask questions like Pilate, who seek the truth. And others have access to the truth, but somehow they are blinded by it.

Where are we? Are we seekers of the truth, or are we blind by it?
Jesus said that his Kingdom is of the Spirit. Those who come to the Father should do so in Spirit and Truth.

We can all ask a valid question like “Are you King of the Jews?” But I, as a follower of Jesus and his teaching, am uncomfortable with the idea that I have access to the truth. Yet, I can’t see past my blindness, prejudices and mindset. Even when contending for the truth, I could have missed the one who is wholly Truthful and Gracious.

I need a spiritual awakening. Truth is a Verb! Truth is a Person!

“Lord help me to see you, Lord Jesus. You are my King.
Lord, speak truths to me so that I can be changed. Please help me to lay down my opinions and submit to your truth alone. Amen.”

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