The silence

“But Jesus made no further answer; so Pilate was amazed.” Mark‬ ‭15‬:‭5‬ ‭NASB1995‬‬

The only answer that Jesus made so far was, “if you say so”, that is it, no more. Jesus could have said so many life-changing truths! He had the most critical audience ever assembled, and he said nothing.

Why is Jesus silent? Was this an awkward moment? Because it seems uncomfortable, is this why Pilate was amazed? Was Jesus using his silence as the focus of everyone’s attention?

I keep wondering why Pilate was amazed. He knew he was before someone of authority, and maybe he expected more from Jesus.
Or, can authority and power be released by being silent and present?
Or, Was it that Pilate realised, standing before Jesus, that he was in the presence of God himself? Was the Spirit of God in Jesus so strong that Pilate was so taken aback and amazed by the sheer power of Jesus’ presence? Can his silence release the power of God? I know that words matter and we have the Word, but even the Bible invites us to seek and search for the unexpected. Jesus standing before his accusers is breaking the norm! Even more subtle and striking is that his silence fulfils his destiny.

By saying nothing, he allows his fate to be handed now by his enemies! Therefore for the first time only, Jesus’ life was now in the hands of his accuser. Do you remember when Jesus was tempted? Satan left him but waited for an opportunity to come back to him, and this was his time.
Please don’t think that Jesus’ silence was because he was weak! Even though he sweat drops of blood the night before, he was also comforted, strengthened by the angels who came to minister to him! I think Jesus was at his best and prepared for the more significant assault coming against him. He was ready, determined to follow the path of silence, suffering, death and victory.

Are we amazed at the silence of Jesus?
Does his silence move you?
Are we put off by him not saying anything?
Can I suggest we embrace this aspect of Jesus in our lives and find a place where we can only practice being silent and allow the Spirit of God to reach us?
What if we allow his silence and our silence to collide?

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