Seeing for the first time – Part 1

John 9:1-10

I don’t know what is like to see for the first time, I cannot remember the first time I was aware that my eyes were working, even though I have been wearing glasses for most of my life and even if I don’t wear them I can still see. (Well it is more like guessing what is in front of me).

The gift of vision is so important, to be able to see and watch the world around us with all its colours and shapes is a gift that many times I have taken for granted.

I will always remember when my four children were born, looking into their eyes and seeing them for the first time was a life changing experience, to see them opening their eyes for the first time was so moving it was like seeing them for who they are, it is deeper and defining.

We were created with the amazing gift of seeing. That is why this story in John 9 is so important. I believe that what Jesus did here was a created miracle. It was not the case that this blind man became blind over the years or that he became blind because of an illness. This man was born blind and because of his blindness he was forced to  beg for  a living.

It is interesting that this blind man identity was tied up with his circumstances, he was known as the blind man, the beggar.

What I love most about this story  is that it is so natural, Jesus was walking along and he saw this blind beggar. I often wonder what that Jesus’ “Look” looks like? What would it be like to be seen by Jesus? How would it react if I Jesus looks at me?

I believe that Jesus “Looks” is full of love, compassion and grace but at the same time His eyes penetrates the heart and cut deep into our souls. Jesus’ ‘Look ‘ is deeper and loving, convicting and accepting, it is a look full of compassion. If you don’t believe me just ask the adulterous woman in John 8.

Shame!! Because of this man blindness he could not see Jesus looking at him. How was he to know the “Look” of Jesus? He was born blind making eye contact impossible.

There are times that I have chosen to be blind, there are times that I have preferred to look away and avoid the “Look” of Jesus. The thing is that I am not physically blind, but my heart is.

To move from being a blind beggar into a c0-heir with Christ, seated together with him in the heavenly places, is to allow Jesus’ Look” into my hearts and to let that “look” define who I am. He promises me that he will His light into my world.

That is an identity exchange.


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