To be known

John 10

I remember when each one of our children was born, I know where I was, I remember who I called first and all I wanted to do was to hold them and look into their faces. But what I have forgotten is the time, the expectancy and the waiting of when and how they were to arrived. We both were looking forward to seeing them for the first time and when the days were coming closer the expectancy was high.

There is in us a desire to be known, it is part of who we are and what we do. In fact, it is the basis of relationship and communication. We want to know and be known, we desire deep and meaningful relationships, we crave for intimacy.

When I read John chapter 10 I cannot help but wonder why does Jesus want to know us? He says that we his “sheep” listen to his voice, that he calls us by name and that he leads us.

It was so amazing when my wife was pregnant and we  were able to talk to our kids, read to them and even sing. I believe they became familiar with our voices, they were able to recognize who was taking.

In a similar way Jesus, the Shepherd, says that we too can hear his voice and recognise the sound of his voice, even though we don’t see him.

Do we know what that voice sounds like? Have we heard him calling our name? Do we know his leading?

The warning is that there are other voices calling our names, other voices that we can be familiar with and voices that have the ability to lead us.

I am always wondering how am I known in heaven and what Jesus is saying about me.


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