Seeing Is Believing!

We are told to live by faith and not by sight and that perfectly makes sense.

Faith is taking risk, believing the promises of God, taking His Word seriously and applying it to our lives, that takes Faith. The language of prayer is based on faith, we pray to someone who we don’t see but we know that God hears our prayers, how do I know that? BecauseI have a relationship with Him and I believe what He says.

More and more I am confronted with people that don’t doubt faith but are uncomfortable with the idea that faith can only be experienced through knowledge. Believing the right things, the right principles, the right doctrine, the right concept, the right words… The people that I meet are asking: Does it work? Show me!

I am so relieved that we are moving from a faith that it is conceptually based to a faith that can be experienced. Faith is the language of relationship between God and man.

So what I am advocating is not going against the  Bible, in fact the very opposite. This blind beggar was totally healed of his blindness, and because of that healing he was able to say ” I was blind but now I see”.

Jesus does something remarkable, he spits on the ground and makes some mud, then he puts the mud on the eyes of the blind man. Then Jesus tells him to go to the pool of Siloam to wash the mud from his eyes. So he does, and when he does he realises that he can see and he goes home.

There are two things that happens here

  1. This healing is a creative healing, the man was born blind, Jesus is not restoring his sight, the blind does not know what seeing is. Jesus makes mud, this is a picture of creation, the Lord made man out of the ground, this is a creative miracle.
  2. For the healing to take place the blind man has to trust Jesus words, he needed to obey Jesus and to go to the pool and wash. Only when he obeys then he is healed.

As the man goes home his neighbours began to ask whether this was the blind beggar and they were not sure but the man who now  sees tells them the he is. He is a new man!

Jesus, not only restores his sight but Jesus gives him a brand restored identity, “I was blind  but now I see”. He can see in the physical but soon he will see in the spiritual and when he does he acknowledges Jesus as Lord. The blind man did not see Jesus, he was only able to hear him, now that he sees him believes in Jesus and worship him. He is no longer a beggar but an heir.

Seeing to believing.



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