Blind and Prejudice!-2

Identity Remake

In John 9:1-12 we read about a remarkable story. We are told that this blind beggar was blind from birth, that was his identity. Because of his condition he is forced to live  outside of the temple’s doors. He is a cast away.

Our true identity is not based on what we do, but in what we believe ourselves to be. I realise that this sounds self-help, but it is not. I am a son of God, God knows me and loves me. He is very happy with me, so I am what I believe God says I am.

When I say: “we are who we believe ourselves to be”, I say it because I have taken ownership of my new identity that is found in Christ. Paul says that we are a new creation the old self  is gone.

What strikes me about this story is how the disciples show a lack compassion and grace to the blind man. Instead they give Jesus a heavy weight theological question. The disciples asked Jesus why is this man blind? Was it because of his sin? Or was it because his parents sinned that he was born blind?

Jesus does not give them an answer he just tell them that they are wrong! He is not interested in a theological debate but he wants to show them that the Kingdom has arrived. Jesus sees beyond the logical, in this case the logical assumption of sin causing blindness. Jesus answers is full of hope, he says the reason for his blindness is so that the works of God may be displayed in him. That is turning something negative into something positive and beautiful. Jesus is the answer to any suffering and He is the  turning point of discovering who we are in Him.

What happens next it is amazing and yet so true of Jesus, Jesus is light and gives light, he opens the eyes of our hearts and he heals and restores the sight of the blind. Even the blind man says “I was blind but now I see” that is amazing grace!

Let his light reveal your true identity.


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