God Encounter – Sligo

I love when The Lord intervenes and shows his kindness to his people, especially the young ones!

I was at the New Wine Sligo Conference last week and on Friday morning I saw a group of young people treasure hunting. As I went to get a coffee they asked me if I wanted prayer and I said yes. Then I asked them if I can pray for them celebrating the fact that they were taking risks for the Lord. After I prayed I asked one of the girls if she had a problem with her hip, (I had had a pain there the whole week) and she said yes, she also said to me that she has pain all over her body. I asked her if that was Fibromyalgia and she he said yes.
Then I said to her that the Lord is going to take the pain away from your left hip and I asked her to sit on a chair and right in front of us we realised that the Presence of Jesus over her. Her left leg was shorter than her right one. So I asked all the young people who were there to watch and pray. I asked the Lord to lengthen her leg and it grew to the same length as her right one. Her pain also went and I could see the Joy of the Lord on her face. God is so good. I heard later on that she has been in real pain for a long time.I also realised that she is the daughter of the New Wine Children’s Ministry leaders. I know them and I thank God for all their work during the New Wine Conference, my son and daughter were greatly blessed by them and their amazing team.

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