God Encounters…

This Saturday Jonny and I went to bless the people God has called us to. So we met at the new Costa Cafe in Yorkgate and prayed that God would lead us to people. We set out asking God for compassion and vision for what He wanted us to do. Also to get a better understanding of the spiritual atmosphere of the place.

As we were watching people we noticed that a cleaner was next to us, I asked her if she was in any pain and she said yes. Her left knee was really bothering her and she told us that next week she was going for a scan, I think she said there was a growth on that left knee. I asked her if we could pray for her and she said yes! She sat down on the bench and we prayed. After we had finished the short prayer I asked her to check if pain was still there and she looked at us with her eyes wide open saying that the pain had left her. She asked us “who are you? We told her who we are and what we do, we shared our stories and we invited her to our gathering. She told us that she goes to Mass every week.

Before we left her I asked her if she had ever experienced the Presence of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus and we offered to pray for her to be filled with Jesus’ presence and again she said yes. I told her to hold my had and I prayed that the Lord would fill her heart with His Presence, it was a short prayer and she almost felt backwards! and again she asked:  “Who are you? and What the… happened? I feel so good! ”

Releasing God’s Kingdom is so good and it doesn’t get more real than that!

There were other amazing encounters that we would love to share, but I want to invite you to come with us to see and be part of this adventure of releasing  His Presence on others.

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