God Encounters “Baby boy”

Last Saturday afternoon I went up to meet my wife and my kids, they were at Carnmoney Presbyterian Church celebrating the opening of their amazing new facilities. There were so many people that it was a blessing to be there even though I got there late!

I was looking for my family when I was approached by a young woman who asked me if she could have a word with me. I said yes! Then she told me that I had prayed for her at the Carnmoney Alpha Weekend last year. I had been invited to release God’s Presence over the leaders. That Friday evening we had  such an amazing time  of ministry, my friend James Crockett spoke and we released God’s filling Presence over the leaders, being obedient to the mandate of Ephesians 5:19.

Well this young woman told me that she was feeling so low when she came to the weekend because they were trying to start a family and that morning was a real disappointment when she found out that her pregnancy test was negative. She asked me that evening to pray for her and I just released God’s presence and life over her as we did with all those who were there and prayed that the Lord will give them the desire of their hearts. She told me that when she went back home she did another test and found out that she was pregnant!

So on Saturday  I met her amazing little five week old baby boy!

Nothing is impossible for God!

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